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Words can inspire the heart, mind and soul…

I’m ending my Spring Blogger Series by inviting you to visit the blogs of three writers I follow frequently. I learn and am changed so much by their words and am thankful for their engagement. Get to know them…

Kim Cash Tate. I’ve noted Kim many times before here on New Day. She’s absolutely one of my favorite authors, teachers, and speakers. Her love for God and His Word draw me to the same. I’m currently reading her new book, Cling, and you can read more about her other projects via This is a spiritual investment you’ll want to make.

Sarah Koontz.
I discovered Sarah’s blog sometime last year and was drawn to how she shares her heart through her posts. It’s clear that she seeks God constantly and keeps Him first in all. (One post I related to personally was Loss, Sorrow, & Celebration.) Read more on Sarah’s ministry via

Christa Hutchins. I highlighted Christa’s post, 4 Biblical Strategies to Grow Your Christian Blog, last week on New Day, and I’m glad to give her a second nod. Christa is the ministry consultant and blogger behind Do A New Thing. Her expertise in equipping bloggers and teachers and other ministry servants has been a great light to those of us getting started. If you desire to get to ministry level with your work, Do A New Thing is a good resource.

Thanks for following New Day this month through the Spring Blogger Series! Hope my fellow faith bloggers are refreshed and ready to embrace the words journey ahead!

Shared Post: 4 Biblical Strategies to Grow Your Christian Blog

And he said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’  ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭ESV‬‬

April is moving right along, and we’re now at week three of New Day’s Spring Blogger Series! Thanks for your engagement so far!

This week’s highlight is another favorite of mine for blogging tips and strategies specifically for Christian bloggers. I discovered Christa Hutchins through social media and have gained a lot of insight from her posts. I’m sharing the link to her piece, “4 Biblical Strategies to Grow Your Christian Blog,” and I hope you’ll connect with her through her website,, and on social media.

Christa shares why taking steps to grow and engaging with the right people are important strategies for developing and maintaining a Christian blog. Read the full post here,, and follow Christa for inspiration and more resources for aiding your ministry!

One more week to go in the Spring Blogger Series!

Christian blogging: a few of my favorite resources

Study, train, to show yourself approved… 2 Timothy 2:15

Welcome to week two of my Spring Blogger Series here on New Day! Hope this helps my fellow faith bloggers and writers in carrying out the call to share God’s love through words.

Last week I shared reasons why I write, and this week I’m sharing tools and resources I use or have used to write. Let’s start:

COMPEL training and She Speaks, products of Proverbs 31 Ministries. When God gave P31 President Lysa Terkeurst the vision for COMPEL, He gave her one of the best tools a Christian writer could have, in my opinion. I’ve written about COMPEL plenty of times before as it’s probably my favorite and most useful resource for me as a writer. I enjoy all the teachings, coaching podcasts, advice from writers who’ve been there and done that, and connecting with so many other bloggers who share in this passion. An extension of COMPEL is the annual She Speaks conference, normally held each summer and targeted to seasoned and aspiring Christian writers. I’ve only attended once (read about it here), but man, it was truly awesome. It’s worth the investment.

Arabah Joy. If you’ve not discovered Arabah, read about her ministry here, but check out her Resources for Bloggers page. It’s a good list of courses, consulting packages, and other tools for getting your blogging journey underway.

Social media. For me, Twitter and Instagram are my favorites for sharing my blog posts and connecting with other writers. Social media is a good way generally to discover other writers and learn of trends and best practices. Search hashtags and see what’s being posted about your particular theme or niche, and learn from others to grow your own space. On Instagram, my favorite account to follow for general blogging tips is The Blog Market (@theblogmarket). On Twitter, I enjoy Jeff Goins (@JeffGoins), Christa Hutchins/Do A New Thing (@mckdbooks), and Ashley Brooks (@BrooksEditorial).

Bible, dictionary, grammar guides, etc. You know, you can’t be a good writer without knowing grammar basics. And you can’t call yourself a Christian writer if you never have the Bible open to study it, know it, and then be able to share from it. Honor your gift by training and preparing and you won’t cheat yourself or your readers out of a good product.

There are countless other tools out there for aiding your writing ministry and growth. Develop your skills and keep at it – let’s give God our best!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing your favorites in the comments or through social media. Links to my accounts are at the top of the page!

repost: 3 reasons I’ll keep blogging in 2017

…that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ… ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I’m excited to feature my Spring Blogger Series here on New Day throughout April! All month long I’ll be sharing my favorite tips and resources that have aided my growth as a faith blogger, and I invite other Christian writers and bloggers to join me here for learning together.

I’m kicking things off with a repost of “3 reasons I’ll keep blogging in 2017” from 1/20/17, ICYMI. Thank you for following along and sharing your own insight for productive blogging!

I started blogging in January 2015 after a bit of a writing hiatus from a seven-year self-publishing effort. Blogging seemed to be a natural extension of that work, and it allowed me to return to my love of words. This was my first post here on New Day, and my excitement over this space continues. I’m glad for the privilege of sharing in this platform.

I have learned a lot about blogging generally and target audiences and branding and ALL that seems to come with this territory. I’ve also learned about community and what it means to connect with readers and support fellow bloggers in their endeavors. This is what I like best about this world.

So, if I had to pick, I’d keep blogging for these three reasons in 2017. Or let’s call them motivations:

1) Words and THE Word. No doubt, I love what words can do to shape lives and inspire greatness. I’m sure each of us can think of the best advice we’ve received for our careers, a favorite sermon that led to a change in course, even a note or letter with just enough encouragement to keep at it. Words are powerful! And THE Word – what would our lives be without it? It is God’s love expressed. It is our food and sword, our amazing grace. The opportunity to share THAT? Yeh, I’ll take it.

2) Community. What a blessing it’s been to see family and friends adding likes and comments to my posts, and then to see complete strangers do the same! I stay in awe of the great people I’m able to meet and engage with through my blog. Starting out, I had no idea of the possibility of this part of New Day. My aim here is to inspire others, but in the end, I’m the one changed and made more knowledgeable by these interactions.

3) Something I can call my own. This space is dedicated to God, no hesitation about that. But to look at work or creation and be able to behold what your hands can do – that is something awesome to me! I used to look at the copies of PRAISE!Magazine, which I self-published, and was so proud of what I’d accomplished. I STILL pull them out every now and then and just celebrate that work. It’s a good feeling to see your time and research and preparation be put into a project born out of your heart, set in motion by God.

Whatever your thing is, I hope you feel encouraged to stay with it and invest in what it takes to produce something worthwhile and beneficial to others. Actually, that’d be motivation #4 for me here on ND: to help somebody, plain and simple.

The New Day 2017 Spring Blogger Series is underway! Let me know why YOU write.

blog break!

That time of year…

Thanks for hanging with me these first few months of 2017 here on New Day! Always grateful for your engagement and support!

No formal post this week, and this will be the last for March, but I do invite my fellow faith bloggers to join me in April for my Spring Blogger Series! I’m glad to be part of a community sharing the love of God, and when we’re open and can share tips and resources with each other, we’re better equipped to deliver within our calling.

So get ready to grow and learn with me! See you in April!